Why Companies Ghost Candidates After Interviews and the Solution

Why Do Companies Ghost Candidates After Interviews?

The Frustration of Being Ghosted After an Interview

Have you ever experienced the anticipation and excitement after a promising job interview, only to be met with silence and uncertainty
afterward? It’s a common occurrence in today’s professional world, and it can leave candidates feeling bewildered and dejected.

Challenges in Professional Settings

One of the biggest challenges faced by job seekers is the lack of communication from companies after an interview. It’s disheartening
to invest time, energy, and hope into a job opportunity, only to be left in the dark about the outcome.

The Impact on Candidates:

  • Loss of time and energy spent preparing for the interview.
  • Inability to make informed decisions about future job opportunities.
  • Feelings of rejection and self-doubt.

The Corporate World’s Ghosting Culture

Ghosting candidates has unfortunately become a common practice in the corporate world. Companies often fail to provide closure or
feedback to unsuccessful candidates, leaving them in limbo and moving onto the next hire without a second thought.

Introducing the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital

Fortunately, there is a solution to combat the issue of candidate ghosting in the job recruitment process. The Offer Ghosting Platform
by Sumeru Digital is a revolutionary blockchain-based solution utilizing Hyperledger Fabric to bring transparency and accountability
to the hiring process.

Key Features of the Offer Ghosting Platform:

  • ‘Report Candidate Ghosting’: Allows companies to report instances of candidate ghosting, creating a database of unreliable candidates.
  • ‘Find Candidate Trust Score’: Enables employers to assess a candidate’s trustworthiness based on past interactions and feedback.
  • ‘View Candidate History on Blockchain’: Provides a secure and immutable record of a candidate’s job application history.

Empowering Job Seekers and Employers

The Offer Ghosting Platform aims to empower both job seekers and employers by promoting transparency, accountability, and professionalism
in the recruitment process. By utilizing blockchain technology, the platform revolutionizes the way hiring decisions are made and
fosters trust between candidates and companies.


If you’ve ever been ghosted by a company after an interview, you know the frustration and disappointment it can bring. The Offer Ghosting
Platform offers a way to combat this issue and create a more transparent and fair recruitment process for everyone involved. Don’t
let ghosting hold you back – embrace a new era of hiring with Sumeru Digital’s innovative solution!

Visit our platform today to learn more or sign up for a free trial: Offer Ghosting Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform ensure data security?

The platform utilizes blockchain technology to create a secure and tamper-proof record of candidate interactions.

2. Can candidates view their own trust score on the platform?

Yes, candidates have access to their trust score and can use it to improve their chances in the job market.

3. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform compatible with all types of businesses?

Yes, the platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

4. How can employers report candidate ghosting on the platform?

Employers can easily report instances of candidate ghosting through the platform’s user-friendly interface.

5. What sets the Offer Ghosting Platform apart from traditional recruitment tools?

The platform’s use of blockchain technology ensures transparency, reliability, and accountability in the hiring process, setting it
apart from conventional recruitment methods.


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