The Challenge of Ghosting in Interviews

The Challenge of Ghosting in Interviews


Interview ghosting, the phenomenon where candidates disappear without notice during the hiring process, has become a prevalent issue in today’s professional world. The act of ghosting not only affects candidates but also presents challenges for employers, HR professionals, and businesses looking to hire top talent.

The Impact of Ghosting

Ghosting in interviews leads to significant losses in terms of time, energy, and money for businesses. On the candidate side, it can damage their professional reputation and hinder future job prospects. This article explores the detrimental effects of ghosting in professional settings and the corporate world.

Challenges Faced by Employers

Loss of Time

One of the primary challenges employers face due to ghosting is the loss of valuable time invested in screening, interviewing, and assessing candidates. When a candidate ghosts an interview, all the time and effort put into the process go to waste, delaying the hiring timeline.

Energy Drain

Ghosting can also take a toll on the energy and morale of hiring managers and HR teams. Constantly dealing with candidate ghosting can lead to frustration, demotivation, and decreased productivity within the organization.

Financial Implications

From a financial perspective, ghosting results in increased costs associated with reinitiating the hiring process, conducting additional rounds of interviews, and potentially extending job postings to attract new candidates. These financial implications can strain a company’s budget and resources.

Introducing Offer Ghosting Platform

Addressing the challenges posed by ghosting in interviews, Sumeru Digital offers a cutting-edge solution through its Offer Ghosting Platform. Leveraging blockchain technology with Hyperledger Fabric, this platform revolutionizes the hiring process and addresses issues related to candidate reliability.

Key Features:

  • Report Candidate Ghosting: Employers can flag candidates who ghost interviews, creating a transparent network of reliable job seekers.
  • Find Candidates Trust Score: Access valuable insights into candidates’ reliability and professionalism through trust scores based on their interview behavior.
  • View Candidate History on Blockchain: Gain a comprehensive view of candidates’ interview track record stored securely on the blockchain for enhanced decision-making.

Benefits of Offer Ghosting Platform

The Offer Ghosting Platform not only streamlines the recruitment process but also instills trust and integrity in hiring practices. By leveraging blockchain technology, employers can make informed decisions, reduce the impact of ghosting, and ensure a seamless hiring experience.

Concluding Thoughts

As ghosting continues to pose challenges in the professional world, it is essential to adopt innovative solutions like the Offer Ghosting Platform to mitigate its negative effects. Embracing technological advancements can transform the way businesses hire employees and create a more reliable and efficient recruitment ecosystem.

To learn more about the Offer Ghosting Platform or to sign up for a free trial, visit today.


Ghosting in interviews can disrupt the hiring process and lead to significant setbacks for both candidates and employers. However, with tools like the Offer Ghosting Platform, businesses can combat ghosting effectively and ensure a smoother recruitment experience.


1. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform use blockchain technology to combat ghosting?

The platform leverages blockchain to securely store candidate information and track their interview history, promoting transparency and reliability in the hiring process.

2. Can employers access real-time updates on candidate behavior through the platform?

Yes, employers can view candidates’ trust scores and receive alerts for any instances of ghosting, enabling proactive decision-making during the hiring process.

3. What sets the Offer Ghosting Platform apart from traditional recruitment tools?

This platform offers a unique solution to combat ghosting by providing a comprehensive view of candidates’ reliability and professional conduct based on verified data stored on the blockchain.

4. How can businesses benefit from implementing the Offer Ghosting Platform?

By using the platform, businesses can save time, reduce costs associated with ghosting, and make informed hiring decisions to build a more trustworthy workforce.

5. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform user-friendly for both employers and candidates?

Absolutely! The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring a seamless experience for all users involved in the recruitment process.

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