Why Do Jobs Ghost Candidates: Challenges and Solution

Why Do Jobs Ghost Candidates: Challenges and Solution


Have you ever experienced the frustration of applying for a job, going through multiple rounds of interviews, and then suddenly hearing nothing back? You wait eagerly for the next communication, but it never comes. This phenomenon is known as ‘ghosting.’ Job ghosting is becoming increasingly prevalent in professional settings, leaving candidates puzzled and disheartened.

The Challenges of Job Ghosting

Job ghosting poses significant challenges in the corporate world and businesses that hire employees. Let’s explore the key challenges it presents:

Losses in Time

One of the major losses caused by job ghosting is the valuable time invested by both the candidate and the hiring team. Candidates spend hours crafting resumes, writing cover letters, and preparing for interviews, only to be left hanging without any response. On the other hand, the hiring team takes precious time screening resumes, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates for potential job roles. This unacknowledged time can never be recovered or utilized effectively elsewhere.

Losses in Energy

Job ghosting consumes a significant amount of energy from both candidates and employers. The emotional investment made by candidates during the job application process can be exhausting. The anticipation, hope, and excitement associated with potential opportunities can quickly turn into disappointment and demotivation. For employers, the energy expended on carefully evaluating candidates and envisioning their contributions to the organization is wasted when communication abruptly ceases.

Losses in Money

Job ghosting also comes with financial implications. Organizations spend money on advertisements, recruitment agencies, and other resources to attract and engage potential candidates. When employers ghost candidates, these resources are wasted, leading to unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, candidates may reject other job offers or put their job search on hold while waiting for a response, resulting in potential income loss.

The Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital

Thanks to advancements in technology, solution providers like Sumeru Digital have come up with innovative ways to tackle the issue of job ghosting. The Offer Ghosting Platform, built on the powerful Hyperledger Fabric blockchain, aims to provide transparency and accountability in the hiring process.

Report Candidate Ghosting

One of the standout features of the Offer Ghosting Platform is the ability to report candidate ghosting. Both candidates and employers can flag instances of ghosting, ensuring that the platform keeps a record of such occurrences. This feature helps create awareness and encourages fair practices in the job market.

Find Candidates Trust Score

The platform also incorporates a unique trust score for candidates. By analyzing various factors such as previous job interactions, feedback from employers, and their overall reliability, the system generates a trust score for every candidate. This score helps employers in making informed decisions about potential hires, reducing the risk of encountering ghosting incidents.

View Candidate History on Blockchain

With its blockchain backbone, the Offer Ghosting Platform ensures that candidate history is stored securely and transparently. Employers can easily access a candidate’s history of job applications, interviews, and related communications on the immutable blockchain. This feature fosters transparency, builds trust, and helps employers verify a candidate’s claims.

The Utility of Sumeru Digital’s Offer Ghosting Platform

The Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital offers a holistic solution to combat job ghosting. By addressing the challenges and incorporating innovative features, the platform aims to transform the hiring landscape.

Are you tired of being ghosted by employers in your job search? With the Offer Ghosting Platform, you can take control of your career by reporting and avoiding instances of ghosting. Employers can also benefit from the platform’s features to identify trustworthy candidates and streamline their hiring process.

To learn more about the Offer Ghosting Platform and how it can help you, or to sign up for a free trial, please visit our platform: https://offerghosting.com


Job ghosting has become a prevalent issue in today’s professional settings, causing losses in terms of time, energy, and money. However, with the Offer Ghosting Platform, designed by Sumeru Digital, job ghosting can be effectively tackled by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform handle data privacy and security?

The Offer Ghosting Platform ensures data privacy and security by utilizing advanced encryption techniques and leveraging the immutability of blockchain technology. Your data is stored securely and can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

2. Can candidates view their own trust score on the platform?

Yes, candidates can view their own trust score on the platform, providing them with valuable insights into how their previous interactions with employers have been perceived.

3. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform limited to specific industries or job levels?

No, the Offer Ghosting Platform is designed to be applicable to all industries and job levels. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, the platform can help address the issue of job ghosting.

4. How can employers encourage candidates to adopt the platform?

Employers can actively promote transparency and fair hiring practices by adopting the Offer Ghosting Platform. By providing a secure and reliable hiring experience, employers can attract top talent and establish themselves as employers of choice.

5. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform affordable for small businesses?

Absolutely! Sumeru Digital has designed the platform to be affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes. By eliminating ghosting incidents and streamlining the hiring process, the platform ultimately saves businesses time and money.

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