Jobs Disappearing due to AI: Challenges and the Offer Ghosting Platform

Jobs Disappearing due to AI: Challenges in Professional Settings


As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, it poses significant challenges to the professional world. Many jobs that were once performed by humans are now being automated, leading to losses in time, energy, and money for both individuals and businesses. In this article, we will explore the impact of AI on the corporate world and discuss the emergence of the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital as a blockchain-based solution to combat job losses.

The Rise of Automation in the Corporate World

In recent years, advanced AI technologies have made remarkable progress, enabling machines to perform tasks that were previously exclusive to humans. Industries such as manufacturing, customer service, and transportation have witnessed a significant shift towards automation, resulting in the disappearance of numerous job roles.

Losses in Time and Energy

The automation of tasks that were once performed by humans means that these tasks can now be completed much more efficiently and rapidly. While this may seem like a positive outcome, it comes at the cost of human workers losing job opportunities and experiencing a loss in time and energy invested in acquiring the necessary skills for those jobs.

Example: Customer Service Call Centers

AI-powered chatbots are now being widely implemented in customer service call centers, handling basic queries and providing immediate assistance. This eliminates the need for human agents in these roles, resulting in significant job losses. Individuals who have spent years developing their customer service skills are left without a job, and the time and energy they invested in acquiring those skills may seem wasted.

The Financial Impact

Job losses due to AI also have significant financial implications for both individuals and businesses. While automation may lead to cost savings for companies in the long run, the initial investment in AI technology and the retraining or rehiring of employees can be expensive.

Example: Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing sector, robots and automated systems are now capable of performing complex tasks with minimal human intervention. As a result, many assembly line jobs have disappeared. However, companies that choose to adopt these technologies face substantial costs in terms of purchasing and maintaining the AI systems, as well as retraining or finding new roles for displaced workers.

The Offer Ghosting Platform: A Blockchain-Based Solution

Recognizing the challenges faced by both job seekers and businesses in the wake of AI-driven job losses, Sumeru Digital has developed the Offer Ghosting Platform. This blockchain-based platform, built on the Hyperledger Fabric framework, aims to tackle the issue of job offer ghosting, providing a transparent and reliable solution for both candidates and employers.

Report Candidate Ghosting

One of the key features of the Offer Ghosting Platform is the ability to report instances of candidate ghosting. Ghosting, a term commonly used in the dating realm, refers to a situation where a candidate abruptly stops responding to communication from a potential employer after receiving a job offer. By reporting these instances, employers can help prevent future occurrences and protect their time and resources.

Find Candidates Trust Score

Another valuable feature of the Offer Ghosting Platform is the ability to access a candidate’s trust score. This score is generated based on multiple data points, including the candidate’s response rate, reliability, and reputation in previous job applications. Employers can use this trust score as an indicator of a candidate’s likelihood to ghost, allowing them to make more informed hiring decisions.

View Candidate History on Blockchain

The transparency of blockchain technology enables the Offer Ghosting Platform to store and retrieve candidate history securely and immutably. Employers can view a candidate’s complete job application history, including previous job offers, responses, and feedback from other employers. This comprehensive view allows employers to gain insights into a candidate’s behavior and make informed judgments.


The rapid advancement of AI has undoubtedly led to the disappearance of numerous jobs, posing challenges for individuals and businesses alike. However, in the face of these challenges, platforms like the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital provide innovative solutions to address the specific problem of job offer ghosting. By embracing blockchain technology and leveraging the capabilities of Hyperledger Fabric, this platform offers transparency, trust, and reliability to both candidates and employers.

To learn more about the Offer Ghosting Platform and sign up for a free trial, visit our platform at Take advantage of the features such as ‘Report Candidate Ghosting,’ ‘Find Candidates Trust Score,’ and ‘View Candidate History on Blockchain’ to make more informed hiring decisions.


1. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform detect candidate ghosting?

The Offer Ghosting Platform detects candidate ghosting by analyzing the communication history between candidates and employers. Sudden and unexplained communication gaps after receiving a job offer trigger the platform’s ghosting detection system.

2. Can candidates dispute their trust score displayed on the platform?

Yes, candidates have the option to dispute their trust score by providing additional information or clarifying any misunderstandings. The Offer Ghosting Platform aims to maintain fairness and accuracy by allowing candidates to address any concerns they may have regarding their trust score.

3. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform ensure the security and privacy of candidate data on the blockchain?

The Offer Ghosting Platform utilizes robust encryption techniques and permissions defined in the Hyperledger Fabric framework to ensure the security and privacy of candidate data. Only authorized parties, such as employers and candidates involved in the hiring process, can access the relevant information.

4. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform suitable for all types of businesses?

Yes, the Offer Ghosting Platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes across various industries. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, you can benefit from the platform’s features and enhance your hiring process.

5. How can I get support or assistance while using the Offer Ghosting Platform?

If you have any questions or need assistance while using the Offer Ghosting Platform, our dedicated support team is available to help. You can reach out to our support team through the platform’s integrated chat feature or via email.

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