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Ghosting in the Workplace USA Today – Challenges and Solutions


Have you ever experienced the frustration of being ghosted by a job candidate? Ghosting, which refers to the sudden and unexplained disappearance of a person from communication and contact, is not limited to personal relationships. It has become increasingly prevalent in professional settings, causing a myriad of challenges for businesses and organizations across the United States. In this article, we will delve into the losses incurred due to ghosting in the workplace in terms of time, energy, and money. Moreover, we will introduce the Offer Ghosting Platform, a game-changing solution created by Sumeru Digital that utilizes blockchain technology to combat ghosting and streamline the hiring process.

Challenges of Ghosting in the Workplace

Losses in Time

The first and most glaring consequence of ghosting in the workplace is the loss of valuable time. Hiring managers invest a significant amount of time in sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates, only to have them disappear without a trace. This time could have been better spent on other productive tasks, contributing to the overall growth and success of a business. Ghosting not only disrupts workflow but also slows down the hiring process, leading to prolonged periods of understaffing and increased workload for existing employees.

Losses in Energy

Ghosting can be emotionally draining for hiring managers and teams. It creates a sense of disappointment, frustration, and confusion. Spending hours preparing for interviews and evaluating candidates, only to receive no response, can create a negative atmosphere within the workplace. Moreover, the uncertainty surrounding ghosting can also impact team morale, as employees may question the organization’s ability to make sound hiring decisions.

Losses in Money

One cannot underestimate the monetary losses associated with ghosting. The cost of advertising job openings, conducting interviews, and performing background checks can add up significantly for businesses. Additionally, the financial impact of extended vacancies and the need to hire temp workers or pay overtime to existing staff can strain a company’s budget. Ghosting not only affects immediate hiring expenses but also the long-term financial health of an organization.

The Offer Ghosting Platform: A Blockchain-Based Solution

Recognizing the need for a robust solution to combat ghosting in the workplace, Sumeru Digital has developed the Offer Ghosting Platform. Built on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain, this innovative platform revolutionizes the hiring process by introducing transparency, trust, and reliability.

Report Candidate Ghosting

The Offer Ghosting Platform allows hiring managers to report instances of candidate ghosting, creating a comprehensive database of candidates who exhibit such behavior. This feature empowers organizations to make informed decisions and avoid repeated encounters with unreliable candidates. By sharing information about ghosted candidates, businesses can protect each other from wasted time and resources.

Find Candidates Trust Score

One of the standout features of the Offer Ghosting Platform is the ability to access a candidate’s trust score. This score is calculated based on various factors, such as their past communication history, feedback from previous employers, and reliability metrics. Hiring managers can make more informed decisions by considering a candidate’s trust score, thus reducing the risk of encountering ghosting behavior.

View Candidate History on Blockchain

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, the Offer Ghosting Platform offers a unique advantage of viewing a candidate’s history on an immutable and tamper-resistant ledger. This feature allows hiring managers to gain a holistic view of a candidate’s past, including previous employment, references, and any previous instances of ghosting. Having access to this information facilitates better decision-making and prevents the recurrence of ghosting incidents.

The Utility of the Offer Ghosting Platform

The Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital is so much more than just a solution to ghosting. It is a game-changer that addresses the pain points of the hiring process, streamlines operations, and ensures reliable candidate selection. Instead of wasting time and resources on ghosted candidates, businesses can focus on hiring reliable and committed professionals who will contribute to their success.

Are you tired of being ghosted by job candidates? Visit our platform to learn more about the Offer Ghosting Platform and sign up for a free trial. Don’t let ghosting be a roadblock in your hiring process. Join the growing community of businesses that have found a reliable solution to ghosting in the workplace.

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Ghosting in the workplace is a pervasive issue that causes losses in terms of time, energy, and money. However, with the introduction of the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital, businesses can finally take control of their hiring process and overcome the challenges posed by ghosting. By reporting instances of ghosting, accessing candidates’ trust scores, and viewing their history on the blockchain, businesses can make informed decisions and minimize the risk of encountering unreliable candidates. Don’t let ghosting hamper your organization’s growth – embrace the Offer Ghosting Platform today and transform the way you hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Offer Ghosting Platform guarantee that candidates will not ghost?

While the Offer Ghosting Platform cannot eliminate the possibility of candidates ghosting, it significantly reduces the risk by providing valuable insights and a comprehensive database of ghosted candidates. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions and minimize the occurrence of ghosting incidents.

2. How is a candidate’s trust score calculated?

A candidate’s trust score is calculated based on several factors, including their past communication history, feedback from previous employers, and reliability metrics. These factors contribute to a holistic assessment of a candidate’s trustworthiness and help hiring managers make informed decisions.

3. Does the Offer Ghosting Platform integrate with existing applicant tracking systems?

Yes, the Offer Ghosting Platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing applicant tracking systems, making it easy for businesses to incorporate the platform into their existing workflow without any disruptions.

4. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform secure?

Absolutely. The Offer Ghosting Platform utilizes Hyperledger Fabric, a secure blockchain framework, to ensure the privacy and integrity of all data. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, the platform provides an immutable and transparent ledger that protects sensitive information.

5. How can I get started with the Offer Ghosting Platform?

Getting started with the Offer Ghosting Platform is simple. Visit our website and sign up for a free trial. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive onboarding process will guide

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