Preventing Ghosting with Better Communication

Preventing Ghosting with Better Communication


Have you ever had someone suddenly disappear without a trace, leaving you hanging and wondering what went wrong? This phenomenon, known as ghosting, is not just limited to personal relationships; it also poses a significant challenge in professional settings, particularly in the corporate world or businesses that hire employees. In this article, we will delve into the losses incurred in terms of time, energy, and money due to ghosting and explore how improved communication can help prevent such occurrences.

The Challenges of Ghosting in Professional Settings

Ghosting can have detrimental effects on businesses and organizations, leading to a breakdown in communication, missed opportunities, and increased costs. In the context of hiring employees, ghosting can disrupt the recruitment process, delay project timelines, and negatively impact team morale. Moreover, the lack of closure caused by ghosting can leave both parties feeling frustrated and confused, ultimately tarnishing the employer’s reputation.

The Impact of Ghosting: Lost Time, Energy, and Money

When a candidate or employee ghosts an employer, it results in a waste of resources, including time, energy, and money. Recruiters and hiring managers invest considerable effort in sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates, only to have their efforts go to waste when a candidate disappears without a word. This not only leads to a loss of productivity but also incurs additional costs for the organization.

Introducing Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital

To address the challenge of ghosting in professional settings, Sumeru Digital has developed the Offer Ghosting Platform, a blockchain-based solution powered by Hyperledger Fabric. This innovative platform provides a transparent and secure way to prevent ghosting by leveraging blockchain technology to track candidate interactions and ensure accountability.

Key Features of the Offer Ghosting Platform

  • Report Candidate Ghosting: Enables employers to flag instances of ghosting by candidates.
  • Find Candidates Trust Score: Provides employers with a trust score based on candidates’ communication and follow-through.
  • View Candidate History on Blockchain: Allows employers to access a candidate’s interaction history stored securely on the blockchain.


The Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital offers a cutting-edge solution to combat ghosting in professional settings. By promoting transparency and accountability through blockchain technology, the platform helps businesses mitigate the losses incurred due to ghosting and build stronger, more communicative relationships with candidates and employees. To learn more about how Offer Ghosting Platform can benefit your organization, sign up for a free trial today at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform ensure data security?
The platform uses blockchain technology to encrypt and securely store candidate information.
2. Can employers customize the trust score criteria on the platform?
Yes, employers can set their own parameters to calculate candidates’ trust scores.
3. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform compatible with existing recruitment software?
Yes, the platform can be integrated with popular recruitment software for seamless functionality.
4. How does the platform handle false reports of ghosting?
The platform employs a verification system to validate ghosting reports before taking action.
5. What support options are available to users of the Offer Ghosting Platform?
Users can access a dedicated support team for assistance with platform usage and troubleshooting.

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