How Often Companies Ghost During Job Interviews and the Solutions to Combat This Issue

How Often Companies Ghost During Job Interviews and the Solutions to Combat This Issue

The Phenomenon of Job Interview Ghosting

Job interview ghosting is a prevalent issue in today’s professional landscape, where candidates, hiring managers, or even entire companies abruptly cease communication during the recruitment process. This disruptive trend can have far-reaching consequences on businesses that hire employees, impacting their time, energy, and financial resources.

Challenges Faced by Companies Due to Ghosting

When companies ghost during job interviews, it creates a chaotic and unprofessional image, leading to a host of challenges in professional settings. Not only does it waste valuable time and effort invested in the recruitment process, but it also reflects poorly on the company’s reputation and employer brand.

Losses in Time and Energy

Ghosting during job interviews results in wasted time and energy for both the hiring team and the candidates. Companies spend hours reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates, only to be left in the dark when the applicant suddenly disappears. This lost time could have been better utilized in advancing the recruitment process or focusing on other critical tasks.

Financial Implications

Moreover, job interview ghosting can have significant financial implications for businesses. The resources invested in advertising job openings, conducting interviews, and onboarding new hires are all rendered null and void when a candidate ghosts the company. This not only leads to monetary losses but also disrupts the workflow and productivity of the team.

Introducing Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital

To combat the challenges posed by job interview ghosting, Sumeru Digital presents the Offer Ghosting Platform, a cutting-edge solution leveraging blockchain technology through Hyperledger Fabric. This innovative platform aims to provide businesses with the tools and insights needed to streamline their recruitment processes and combat candidate ghosting effectively.

Key Features of Offer Ghosting Platform

The Offer Ghosting Platform offers a range of features designed to address the issue of job interview ghosting:

Report Candidate Ghosting

Businesses can report instances of candidate ghosting to create a transparent database of unreliable candidates, helping other companies avoid similar experiences.

Find Candidates Trust Score

Employers can access candidates’ trust scores based on their past interactions and feedback from previous employers, enabling them to make informed hiring decisions.

View Candidate History on Blockchain

The platform allows recruiters to view a candidate’s entire job application history stored securely on the blockchain, ensuring data integrity and authenticity.


In conclusion, job interview ghosting poses significant challenges for companies looking to hire employees, impacting their time, energy, and financial resources. With the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital, businesses can proactively combat this issue by leveraging blockchain technology to enhance transparency and accountability in the recruitment process. Take control of your hiring process and put an end to candidate ghosting today!


1. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform ensure data security?

The Offer Ghosting Platform implements robust encryption and blockchain technology to securely store and verify candidate information, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

2. Can businesses customize the Trust Score criteria on the platform?

Yes, businesses can tailor the Trust Score criteria based on their specific requirements and preferences, allowing for a personalized hiring experience.

3. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform compatible with existing recruitment systems?

Yes, the Offer Ghosting Platform can seamlessly integrate with existing recruitment systems and processes, providing a seamless and efficient solution for combating candidate ghosting.

4. How can businesses benefit from using the Offer Ghosting Platform?

Businesses can save time and resources, enhance their hiring processes, and reduce the risk of candidate ghosting by utilizing the features and insights offered by the Offer Ghosting Platform.

5. Is there a free trial available for the Offer Ghosting Platform?

Yes, interested businesses can sign up for a free trial of the Offer Ghosting Platform by visiting the platform’s website at and experience the benefits firsthand.

For more information or to register for a free trial, please visit Offer Ghosting Platform.

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