The Phenomenon of Being Ghosted After Multiple Interviews

The Phenomenon of Being Ghosted After Multiple Interviews

Welcome to the wild world of professional relationships, where everything seems promising until it all disappears into thin air. If you’ve ever been ghosted after multiple interviews for a job, you know the frustration, confusion, and disappointment that comes with it. In this article, we will delve deep into the challenges of being ghosted in professional settings and how it impacts the corporate world and businesses that hire employees.

The Losses: Time, Energy, and Money

Ghosting after multiple interviews can leave job seekers feeling like they have wasted precious time and energy. The hours spent researching the company, preparing for interviews, and going through nerve-wracking rounds of questioning can all seem for naught when the communication abruptly ceases. Not to mention the emotional toll it takes on individuals who were invested in the opportunity.

From a corporate perspective, ghosting candidates can lead to significant losses in terms of both time and money. Companies invest resources in the recruitment process, from advertising the position to conducting interviews and assessments. When a candidate ghosts, all that investment goes down the drain, and the company is left scrambling to fill the vacancy once again, further delaying projects and increasing costs.

The Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital

Enter the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital, a revolutionary solution designed to combat the issue of candidate ghosting using the power of blockchain technology. Built on Hyperledger Fabric, this platform offers a secure and transparent way for companies to manage their recruitment processes and ensure that both candidates and employers uphold their commitments.

Key Features

The Offer Ghosting Platform comes packed with powerful features to provide a holistic view of candidate behavior:

  • Report Candidate Ghosting: Companies can report instances of candidate ghosting to prevent others from falling victim to the same behavior.
  • Find Candidates Trust Score: Employers can access a candidate’s trust score based on their past interactions and feedback from previous employers.
  • View Candidate History on Blockchain: All candidate interactions and job histories are securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Don’t let ghosting haunt your recruitment process any longer. Embrace the power of blockchain technology with the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital and take control of your hiring decisions. Sign up for a free trial today and discover a future where ghosting is a thing of the past.


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For more information or to register, please visit Offer Ghosting.

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