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Ghosted by Employer After Job Offer: Challenges and Solutions

Being ghosted by an employer after receiving a job offer can be a frustrating and disheartening experience. In today’s professional settings, where communication and transparency are highly valued, such behavior is seen as unprofessional and can have serious consequences for both job seekers and businesses. In this article, we will explore the challenges of being ghosted in the corporate world and discuss a revolutionary solution, the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital, which utilizes blockchain technology to provide transparency and trust in the hiring process.

The Losses in Time, Energy, and Money

When a job offer is extended, candidates often invest a significant amount of time and energy into the process. They go through interviews, salary negotiations, and sometimes even relocate to a new city. However, when the employer suddenly disappears without any communication, candidates are left in a state of confusion and disappointment. This sudden loss can have a profound impact on their mental and financial well-being.


Job seekers spend hours preparing for interviews, researching the company, and tailoring their resumes and cover letters. After receiving an offer, they may decline other opportunities, believing they have found the perfect fit. However, ghosting can leave them in a state of limbo, wasting their valuable time and making them start the job search process all over again.


The emotional energy invested in the job search process is often overlooked. Candidates put their hopes on a particular job, envisioning their future in a new role. Ghosting after a job offer can shatter these dreams and lead to feelings of self-doubt and frustration. The emotional toll can be immense, affecting other areas of their life as well.


Job searching and interviewing often come with various costs. Whether it’s travel expenses for in-person interviews or professional resume services, candidates invest their money to present themselves in the best possible way. Furthermore, when a job offer is accepted and then ghosted, candidates may have already made financial commitments based on the assumption of employment, such as signing leases or purchasing attire for the new job.

The Offer Ghosting Platform: A Blockchain-Based Solution

Recognizing the challenges faced by candidates and businesses in dealing with job offer ghosting, Sumeru Digital has developed an innovative solution – the Offer Ghosting Platform. This platform leverages the power of blockchain technology, specifically Hyperledger Fabric, to restore trust and transparency in the hiring process.

Report Candidate Ghosting:

The Offer Ghosting Platform allows job seekers to report instances of ghosting by employers. By recording these events on the blockchain, the platform provides a secure and immutable record of candidate experiences. Employers are made aware of their reputation in terms of ghosting candidates, encouraging them to prioritize professionalism and communication in their hiring practices.

Find Candidates Trust Score:

The platform also introduces a Trust Score for candidates. This score is based on various factors, including their responsiveness, professionalism, and feedback from previous employers. Hiring managers can use this score to assess a candidate’s reliability and trustworthiness before extending a job offer. This feature helps businesses reduce the risk of encountering unprofessional candidates who may ghost them after receiving an offer.

View Candidate History on Blockchain:

Employers can now access a candidate’s history on the blockchain, including their previous job offers and interactions with other employers. This provides a holistic view of a candidate’s behavior and allows businesses to make informed decisions during the hiring process, mitigating the risk of being ghosted.

The Utility of the Offer Ghosting Platform

The Offer Ghosting Platform offers a comprehensive solution to combat ghosting in professional settings. By utilizing blockchain technology, it addresses the challenges faced by job seekers and businesses. Transparency and trust are restored, ultimately leading to a more efficient and reliable hiring process.

If you have been ghosted by an employer after accepting a job offer or want to prevent such incidents in your business, the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital is the solution you need.

Visit our platform here to learn more or sign up for a free trial. Take control of your job search or hiring process and put an end to the frustrations caused by ghosting.


Ghosting by employers after a job offer is a significant challenge in today’s professional settings. It can result in losses of time, energy, and money for job seekers, while also causing reputation damage to businesses. However, the Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital provides a promising solution to address these challenges. With features such as reporting candidate ghosting, finding candidates’ trust scores, and viewing candidate history on the blockchain, the platform offers transparency and trust in the hiring process. Empower yourself or your business with this revolutionary platform and say goodbye to the frustrations caused by ghosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I report instances of ghosting even if I didn’t accept the job offer?

Yes, the Offer Ghosting Platform allows you to report instances of ghosting regardless of whether you accepted the job offer or not. It’s important to share your experiences to help others in the job market.

2. How is the trust score of candidates calculated?

The trust score of candidates is calculated based on their responsiveness, professionalism, and feedback from previous employers. The algorithm takes into account multiple factors to provide an accurate assessment of a candidate’s reliability.

3. Will employers have access to my entire job history?

No, employers will only have access to the information recorded on the blockchain regarding your job offers and interactions with other employers. Your privacy is protected, and sensitive information is not disclosed.

4. Can businesses join the Offer

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