How to Avoid Getting Ghosted After a Job Interview

How to Avoid Getting Ghosted After a Job Interview

Job hunting can be a challenging process filled with countless applications, numerous job interviews, and high expectations. However, one of the most frustrating experiences in the professional world is getting ghosted after a job interview. Ghosting, which refers to a situation where the employer or recruiter suddenly becomes unresponsive after an interview, can leave candidates feeling disappointed, confused, and even professionally disheartened.

The Challenges of Ghosting in Professional Settings

In professional settings, ghosting can have significant negative impacts on candidates. It is essential to explore these challenges to understand why avoiding ghosting is crucial for job seekers. Ghosting can result in the loss of valuable time, energy, and even money.

1. Time Loss:

Job interviews require preparation, travel, and often multiple rounds of discussions. When a candidate is ghosted, all the time invested in preparing for the interview and attending each round goes to waste. This wasted time could have been better spent on other job opportunities or personal development.

2. Energy Loss:

The job search process can be emotionally and mentally draining. When a candidate gets ghosted, their confidence and motivation can be significantly affected. The uncertainty and unanswered questions can leave candidates feeling frustrated and demotivated in their pursuit of a professional career.

3. Money Loss:

Job interviews often involve costs such as transportation, accommodation, and professional attire. If a candidate is ghosted after investing in these expenses, it can result in financial losses that could have been avoided if the employer had communicated their decision in a timely manner.

The Impact of Ghosting in the Corporate World

Ghosting is not just an issue faced by job seekers; it also affects the business world. Companies or businesses that consistently engage in ghosting practices risk damaging their reputation and losing out on top talent. A negative reputation can make it difficult for organizations to attract and retain skilled professionals.

Additionally, ghosting can lead to increased recruitment costs for businesses. When candidates are ghosted, they are likely to share their negative experiences with others through online platforms or social networks. This negative word-of-mouth can deter potential candidates from applying to the company, resulting in a shallower talent pool and increased recruitment efforts.

The Solution: Offer Ghosting Platform by Sumeru Digital

Introducing the Offer Ghosting Platform, a revolutionary solution that addresses the issue of ghosting in the hiring process. The platform utilizes blockchain technology and is built on Hyperledger Fabric, providing unparalleled transparency and accountability throughout the recruitment process.

The Offer Ghosting Platform offers several unique features that help job seekers and businesses alike:

1. Report Candidate Ghosting:

Job candidates can report instances of ghosting on the platform, ensuring that their experiences are documented. This empowers candidates to hold employers and recruiters accountable for their actions, creating a more transparent and fair hiring process.

2. Find Candidates’ Trust Score:

The platform assigns a proprietary trust score to candidates based on their previous interactions with employers. This score provides businesses with valuable insights into a candidate’s reliability and professionalism, assisting in making informed hiring decisions.

3. View Candidate History on Blockchain:

Through the use of blockchain technology, all interactions between candidates and employers are securely stored on the platform. This feature allows employers to view a candidate’s interview history, feedback, and communication, ensuring transparency and reducing the chances of ghosting.

The Offer Ghosting Platform is a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges faced in the job hunting process. By leveraging blockchain technology, it promotes transparency, trust, and accountability, benefiting both job seekers and businesses.


Avoiding ghosting after a job interview is essential for job seekers and businesses alike. The negative impacts of ghosting in terms of time, energy, and money can be detrimental to candidates’ professional journeys. By utilizing the Offer Ghosting Platform, job seekers can report instances of ghosting, while businesses can access candidates’ trust scores and view their history on the blockchain. This platform provides a holistic solution to combat ghosting in the hiring process, fostering trust and transparency.


1. How does the Offer Ghosting Platform work?

The Offer Ghosting Platform utilizes blockchain technology to provide transparency and accountability in the hiring process. Candidates can report ghosting instances, and employers can access their trust scores and view their history on the blockchain.

2. Is the Offer Ghosting Platform free to use?

Yes, the Offer Ghosting Platform offers a free trial for users to experience its features and benefits. Users can sign up on our website to get started.

3. How does the trust score system work?

The trust score system analyzes candidates’ previous interactions and provides employers with a measure of their reliability and professionalism. This score is determined based on various factors such as interview attendance, communication responsiveness, and feedback.

4. Can candidates view their trust scores?

Yes, candidates can access their trust score on the Offer Ghosting Platform. This allows individuals to understand their own standing and take steps to improve if necessary.

5. How secure is the candidate history stored on the blockchain?

The candidate history stored on the blockchain is highly secure. Blockchain technology ensures that data is encrypted, tamper-proof, and accessible only by authorized parties. This guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

For more information or to register for a free trial of the Offer Ghosting Platform, please visit

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